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C3S LLC develops and manufactures highly dependable 3/6/12/16U platforms and redundant, yet affordable subsystems like OBC, EPS, and communication modules to meet the requirements of IoT, Earth Observation and space monitoring constellation missions. Beyond the world of CubeSats, we participate in large satellite projects as the designer of power distribution systems and payload synchronization. Our devoted team will be at your service from mission planning throughout the operation of the entire mission, until deorbiting.

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3U-16U CubeSats

We develop our scalable 3-16U platforms for constellation purposes focusing on Earth Observation and IoT. By providing tailored space and technology for payloads of different sizes, we can foster diverse segments from crop growth monitoring through disaster damage mitigation to IOD demands. Our solutions contribute to the protection of our planet, agricultural improvement, and the better involvement of socially and economically isolated regions.


Our platforms employ in-house developed, powerful & robust subsystems for the success of your mission.

Large Satellite Electronics

Beyond the world of nanosats, we participate in large satellite projects as the designer of power distribution systems and payload synchronization.


Engineering services

C3S’s vast resources and the complex & interdisciplinary engineering know-how are all used for the benefit of high reliability components development along with quality-centered low volume manufacturing, both within the ground and the space segment. Our enthusiastic engineers have great experience in advanced electronics, integrated system designs, mechanical engineering or embedded software and are following strict ECSS standards.

Platform Development Kit

For a seamless integration process, we provide our payload partners with a Platform Development Kit. Interface documentation enables our clients to take full advantage of the devices and it also provides the required hardware to maintain a rea-time connection during the tests.

Mission Management

C3S provides turn-key solution when it comes to mission management. As an ESA prime contractor, we have vast experience in every milestone of a space project from mission preparation, through launch management until deorbiting. We guarantee mission success, all you have to do is share your goals and requirements with us.

Shared Payload Concept

Space made easily available with our shared payload concept, aligning with the most recent new space trends. Splitting up the payload bay of our platform between multiple players grants a cost-effective solution, along with giving a shorter-term access to space.


RadCube has been operating flawlessly since launch

RadCube has been operating flawlessly since launch

Our RadCube satellite has been flawlessly operating for 8 days now. For the last days, we have continuously inspected the platform’s operation round-by-round. The downlinked telemetry data shows that the solar panels have opened, MPPTs are properly charging the...

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RadCube was successfully launched

RadCube was successfully launched

On the 17th of August 2021, at 03:47 CEST, C3S’s 3U-sized satellite platform was successfully launched into Low Earth Orbit. Since the launch by Arianespace Vega VV19 rocket we were able to establish a connection with Radcube, so a little time after the separation, we...

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RadCube will be launched on the 17th of August, 2021

RadCube will be launched on the 17th of August, 2021

On the 17th of August, 2021 C3S’s 3U platform will be launched. The spacecraft, that was born under the European Space Agency (ESA) General Support Technology Programme’s (GSTP) RadCube mission, is the first industrial satellite being built in Hungary, and so far, the...

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