Get to know our large satellite electronics

C3S has designed and prototyped Ancillary Electrical Unit (AEU) for PLATO 2.0 mid-size satellite of ESA mission detecting and characterizing extrasolar planetary systems. SMILE is a „low-cost” mission by utilizing technology developed for PLATO as much as possible. C3S was responsible for Soft X-ray Imager PSU module. Our Plato activity reached TRL 3, we closed SMILE at TRL 4.


PLATO 2.0 & SMILE detailed activities

  • Power supplies for 26 cameras

  • 6 channel per power supply

  • Very low-noise multiple output power supply for CCD front-end electronics

  • Galvanically isolated from the input and each other

  • Per channel overvoltage and overcurrent protection

  • Capability to synchronise to external sync signal or operate in free-running mode

  • Camera synchronization (less than 10 ns)

  • Housekeeping data acquisition

  • Communication via SpaceWire


PLATO 2.0 & SMILE detailed activities continued

  • Structural and thermal analysis

  • Ground Support Equipment for coupling tests and for qualification

  • Complex Sub-System Design

  • Power Distribution Unit Design

  • Synchronization module development (Sync. of 26 cameras in PLATO 2.0)

  • Structural and Thermal analysis

  • Ground Support Equipment development

  • Flexible data acquisition & commanding interface solution for custom DC/DC converters